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Our programs provide moms with direct support in ways we know they need because we live it too.

Head to Heart

"Head to Heart" provides professional psychological support with private and group therapy and a weekly support group for members. Fear, guilt, isolation, grief, anxiety, sadness, and stress are all words too commonly used to describe a mother’s special needs journey. We recognize the importance of prioritizing mental health, and by offering a safe space or two for moms to express their feelings, we can encourage them to find love and light for a happier head and heart.

Thank you so much for this gift of opening my eyes and heart to therapy!! I have never done therapy and was a little reluctant because I felt like there wasn’t anything I “needed” to talk about. I didn’t realize what all I had bottled up and I desperately needed that safe place to get it out! Because I enjoyed that one hour so much, I am now going to start seeing her every other week. I know this will be a valuable resource to help me continue being that solid rock for our family where I try my best to hold it all together! L.C.
Happy Camper(s)

Happy Camper(s) provides sponsorships for children with disabilities to attend summer camp. The child may literally be the happy camper, but parents receiving several days of respite will be happy campers too! This is so important to Steel Magnolia Moms because it supports our mission of encouraging moms to take care of their own health and happiness. Recipients will be prioritized and selected based on financial need and home situation. Parents choose the camp that best suits their child, and Steel Magnolia Moms will cover the cost. The average cost to send a child to summer camp is $1,000. We happily sent 26 kids to camp in summer 2022.

He swam, he fished, he zip lined, he rode horses, and he made lifelong friends. A HUGE shout out to Steel Magnolia Moms and their Happy Camper(s) program, which awarded my son a scholarship to attend, as he would not have been able to otherwise. Thank you to this fierce community of humans who helped give our Mighty Quinn a chance to feel like any other 9-year-old.
I got emotional when I got the letter. Such a beautiful detail to think of us. The message “we deserve to be happy campers too” – when you feel alone in this process it can feel so isolating but to be in such a supportive group that gets it, it’s just indescribable. Thank you for all you do. The impact and the unspoken words that you have in our life is unexplainable. Like you said, I’m a terrified Superwoman!

Magnolia Wellness provides members access to various wellness programs and workshops to promote their health and happiness. Programs are designed to support the mind, body and soul with integrated practices and have ranged from a 2-hour workshop to an 8-week program. We are always on the lookout for soothers and healers, both traditional and non-traditional philosophies. To request more information or submit a proposal as a providing wellness partner, please email

I learned to reframe my mindset to tell a different story than I have been telling. My challenges are opportunities to learn, grow, and be a better human that I was even the day before. I loved the “soul” care aspect of this group and being a part of a community of moms that get it.

Moms Camp is a respite retreat meets girls weekend. For some members, it is the only chance they get to step away from the ongoing demands of their caregiving role and challenging family life. Moms are welcomed and encouraged to relax, recharge, and reconnect with who they once were before they became moms. We love to spoil our guests with wholesome food, inspirational gifts, fun activities, special touches, and a few beautiful surprises.

Moms Camp was a magical, inspiring weekend. It gave me the opportunity to deepen friendships with sisters who get me, with no judgment, and in a real and authentic way. I laughed, I cried, and had too much fun to think about the what ifs, what if nots, and hypotheticals that constantly churn in my head. Thank you for your vision and execution. You hit a home run!

Led by moms who have experienced their own losses, Angels and Butterflies positively supports moms through grief and bereavement so they can hold their child with a happy heart. A comprehensive program with resources and personal connections offers understanding and healing. We want to help bring moms through the darkness and be the light ahead of them as we celebrate the beautiful aspects of their children’s lives. We want moms to know that once they’re a Steel Magnolia Mom, they’re always a Steel Magnolia Mom.

I feel so blessed to have found Steel Magnolia Moms. In dark and trying times, seeing other mamas who are going through it too, has been so helpful and uplifting to my spirit. Thank you for all the effort and love you put into all these events. You set the vibe, and it trickles down! L.N.