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Our success is measured by how we make our moms feel.

Before SMM, I shied away from conversations regarding my son because I felt alone in our nontypical world and isolated. SMM has given me a network and sense of belonging knowing there are other moms who “get it.” Without you and your hard work and vision, I would still be in isolation. S.T.
When you feel alone in this process it can feel so isolating, but to be in such a supportive group that gets it, it’s just indescribable. Thank you for all you do. The impact and the unspoken words that you have in our life is unexplainable. Like you said, I’m a terrified Superwoman. M.D.
I don’t think I can adequately express how life changing SMM has been for myself and countless others. Thinking back on some years ago, when I only knew a couple of people that had kids with special needs, I was so lost. I was self-conscious and was having a hard time. I definitely still have my moments now, but wow, how amazing to have such close friends in similar situations. It’s as if we’ve all known each other forever! I haven’t clicked with or truly bonded with other people like this before. It’s so refreshing to let down my guard and let others in. L.R.
I am not normally a “support group” person, and when I joined Steel Magnolia Moms, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Being a mom of a son with autism, I have spent many years in “Autism Land,” and sometimes it can be pretty bleak.  It’s easy to get mired down in the Pit of Despair (my term), and stay there for a long time. I see a lot of Facebook groups where it can be pretty grim. I absolutely respect the journey of each parent with a child with special needs; each journey is as unique as the child that inspires it.  But, I find I need to focus on the positive, to keep my own self and family moving forward. And that is what is so attractive and grounding about Steel Magnolias. First, it’s a very diverse group, in terms of disabilities represented. I think that really helps us all keep perspective. Second, positivity is contagious!  With so many focusing on the positive aspects of their journey, celebrating the “wins” and staying in the moment, it gives me hope for my journey as well. And when someone inevitably hits a low point, so many are there to offer love, support, resources, and grace. P.K.